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RED CITY COACHING & FITNESS was born in Antwerp in February 2016 as RED CITY CROSSFIT. Before we opened our gym doors, we created the manifesto: a single sheet of paper that defined what RED CITY was about, what we believed in, and what our goals were.

This is what we wrote:

Red City is a child of passion: passion for coaching and fitness. We want to share our love for health: we encourage strength, endurance and mental toughness, through a warm, strong community.

We love what we do, and we do what we love. Through hard work and dedication, we have become an incredible gym, a place valued for its quality service, a warm-hearted community, top notch coaching and dedication.

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CrossFit starts with passion and being passionate is the least you could say about our coaches.

Our mission? Guiding you towards the fittest version of yourself, regardless of the level you’re starting from. We stand out thanks to our knowledge of the different movements and techniques, our empathy and we always keep your best interests and goals in mind.


Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Coach
Level 1 CrossFit Weightlifting Coach

"I started CrossFit in 2011 and fell so much in love with it that I wanted to create a gym myself, which I as a member, would love.

This is how Red City got started. I love coaching, supporting, guiding, cheering on our members, and that Red City became a happy place for so many good people."

“CrossFit became big part of my life after I started at Red City in 2016. As a member I fell in love with the sport, the community feeling and the diversity that it brings.

When I started as a coach 3 years later, it became full circle for myself. Now I love to motivate and help our members to grow in any way during every session.”


Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Coach
Level 1 CrossFit Weightlifting Coach


Level 1 CrossFit Coach
Level 1 CrossFit Weightlifting Coach
BWF Level 2 Tutor/Coach Badminton Europe

"I am a passionate sports-addict who constantly is trying to get fitter then ever. I love to create an environment where people feel safe and satisfied when pushing their limits, while finding a way to reach their goals!"

"I started CrossFit in October 2010. Before that I had already tried different sports but CrossFit is the only sport where after 10 years, I still have the same passion as in the first year.

As a coach, I like to push people in the search of their own limits. I want to help them do moves that they would never imagine of doing on their own. People can do so much more than they think when they start."


Level 1 CrossFit Coach

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Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Do you have a passion about CrossFit coaching? Want to help people get better in the sport, fitter in their daily lives and have fun while doing so? Don't hesitate and reach out to us through mail.

"After 10 years of top sport badminton I was looking for a new challenge and I came across CrossFit. After years of coaching in badminton, I took the step to CrossFit coaching and Personal training.

I just like to motivate people, make them stronger and amaze their own abilities. With CrossFit, all of this came together."


Level 1 CrossFit Coach
Physical Trainer (Physical coaching academy)
Personal Coach (CVO)