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ARE RED CITY WORKOUTS just for elite athletes?

The amazing thing about Strength and Conditioning is that everyone can do it on their own level. You start with practicing the basic movements and light weights. Coach helps you find a movement during the workout, which you can perform at your level. With time, as you become more experienced, the movements and weights will get adjusted to maintain the challenge and growth.

you would like to do a drop in?

It’s always great to have CrossFit people from all over the world visit us. We are happy to welcome you to Antwerp and to our Red City Coaching & Fitness. You have to have the basic movements down (Squats, Presses & Pulls), are regularly following the WODs online, or train for at least 6 months at another CrossFit facility. You don’t have any injuries or health issues that need special attention.

Option I  Please send us an e-mail or call us at +32(0)496 217 319 and we will sign you up for a class

Option II Just show up whenever you like and hope there is still a free spot in the class.We need to focus on our regular clients. If you come in without a booking for a class or other appointment, we will see what we can do.

But we can’t guarantee  you a free spot, so we advise you to Contact Us first.

Single Drop-In: 20 Euro

How can I stop or pause my membership?

We will gladly pause your membership for a period of min. 14 to max. 60 days. You can request a pause by sending an e-mail to Please send your request at east 7 days prior to the pausing date, to guarantee the timely activation.

You can request cancellation of your subscription by sending an e-mail to with the subject 'Membership cancellation', after your request your subscription will run for one more calendar month. For example, if you would like to stop from October, you would need to send you request before 1st of September, with September being your cancellation month.

Here is a link to our Terms & Conditions

all you need to know

We’ve collected the questions we get asked most frequently. However, don’t hesitate to get in touch in case your questions remain unanswered.


Our training combines the best parts of weightlifting, sprinting, calisthenics, and kettlebells.  Plus, we do a little bit of basic gymnastics.  By sticking to the most effective exercises from each, we can do these really efficient workouts in about 30 minutes.  They’re hard, but they have to be.  It takes a couple of years to be really great at functional fitness, but you can be good in a few months.

What’s the WOD?
Workout Of the Day.

Why ARE RED CITY GROUP CLASSES more expensive than regular fitness?

That is because of what is included in the price. Basic fitness basically rents out the facilities and the equipment. At Red City you get: guidance, coached classes, program, motivation, goal and result oriented training, limited groups, personal approach: we know our members strengths, weaknesses, limitations and successes.

On top of that, we have an amazing, supportive, warm and friendly community. Goal of a regular fitness is to have as many people as possible to sign up for a long term membership, and hope that most won’t come (otherwise place would be constantly packed). Our goal is to keep members as engaged as possible, so when we notice your absence, you will get a message or a call, to see if everything is allright.

Why is everything in English?

We have a very multinational community, including expats and students from all over the world. To stay inclusive, we keep communication in English. All our coaches are perfectly bi-, and even tri-lingual, so we don’t expect any language barriers to be an issue.